HUMO Gallery

LUCIAN BOR (*1980), born in Zurich to an artist father and an art historian mother, both of Czech descent, at first eschewed art in what can be understood as juvenile rebellion against parental role models. While trying at different kinds of professions in order to find his calling, he almost accidentally got in touch with photography which became a passionate relation right away. At age 29, he promptly decided to move to Paris to assist other photographers and thus learn the craft. It would not be long until notable productions for prestigious magazines would follow, including the likes of Vogue, Elle or Harper’s Bazaar. Lucian Bor lives and works in Paris.

The aesthetics of the female body are at the center of Bor’s oeuvre. While in fashion photography it invokes a dream – not without ulterior commercial motives – in his artistic works, Bor pursues the non-liable and enduring continuation of this original dream in its pure aesthetics.