HUMO Gallery

Norimichi Hirakawa (*1982), one of the most fascinating representatives of the young generation of Japanese digital artists, penetrates the boundaries between art and science in his works. Influenced by his background in the disciplines of mathematics and physics, the artist creates generative video installations from complex algorithmic processes and digital coding. He thus generates various types of audiovisual, mathematical and abstract data that describe theoretical or real physical phenomena. In this way, he not only confronts art with digital tools and scientific imagination, he also places the viewer in a state of suspension between the strong aesthetic impression of his abstract-looking installations and the underlying rational logic of digital coding.

Hirakawa graduated from the Art & Media Course Department of Information Design at the renowned Tama Art University, where he was particularly impacted by the interdisciplinary discourse with scientists from other fields, such as physics, mathematics, and computer sciences. With his work being showcased at numerous exhibitions and media art festivals worldwide. Hirakawa won various art prizes, including the „Excellence Prize“ at the Japan Media Art Festival (2004) and the „Award of Distinction“ at the Prix Ars Electronica (2008). Norimichi Hirakawa lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.