HUMO Gallery

Túlio Pinto (*1974 in Brasilia, Brazil) experiments with the balance of different materials in his works, involving their size, weight, and density. This includes, for example, the combination of robust steel beams with fragile glass and massive rocks. Thereby, the creation of his works avails itself of the principles of transience and variability of materials: “The materials themselves already have their sculptural potential. My own function is that of an articulator, who punctuates their inherent force” the artist describes his work. The word ‘antithetical’ seems to apply like an adhesive to Túlio Pinto’s works, as if a pendulum were swinging between order and chaos, and a dual nature could be perceived in the pieces: the geometric and the formless (or the opacity and the transparency; the lightness and the weight), in an apparent opposition. When we put these elements together as an integral part of a single system, the pieces become ideograms – just like an unspeakable direct speculation on the world that unfolds in front of us.

Tulio Pinto, who graduated from UFRGS - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul with a degree in visual arts and a specialization in sculpture in 2009, lives and works in Porto Allegre, Brazil.