HUMO Gallery

Woody Gooch. Self-taught by simple curiosity, with a unique talent to capture the object beyond the obvious. More observer than technician, who achieves to transform untamable powers into pronouncedly smooth and calming images. He thereby virtually creates a relaxing irritation, which urges the observer to pause and reflect. Gooch achieves this through the reduction of motive complexity by conscious renunciation of obvious, seemingly crucial image elements. Furthermore, his distinctive image construction grants structure even to natural or human irrationality through horizontal or diagonal lines, among other geometric figures, which calm the eye.

While the young artist is driven by pure instinct, his mental interaction with his motive and its environment is remarkable. Gooch begins studying his environment for weeks and months before actually proceeding to photography - or even carrying the camera on himself. In consequence, his images manifest much rather the mood of a time exposure - in razor sharp images - than a short lived moment.

Even though he calls Tokyo, Japan, his home currently, Woody Gooch is a roamer. His restless journey has included Australia and New Zealand; Europe and North America; Fiji, Hawaii, Uruguay, and Indonesia - in 2017 alone.

Woody Samuel Aidan Gooch (*February 22, 1995) grew up in Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia. Besides hours and hours of his youth spent on the surfboard, he also travelled the alpine region of New Zealand, the Indonesian coasts, Baja and the north of Sumatra. Woody Gooch lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.